How's Your Teamwork?

     Virtually all work is team work. Teams are more complex, more fluid and more dispersed than ever before. If you're like most organizations up to 76% of employees are on more than 2 teams.

Your Teams Want to Be Better

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  • 98% of team members agree it's worth time to develop effective teamwork skills
  • 86% of team members know that effective teamwork is more important to your organization's success than it was five years ago

There are consequences for an ineffective team 

It's more than poor outcomes:

  • 61% of teams report a lack of trust
  • 80% of team report they don't hold each other accountable
  • 71% of teams report the lack of trust has created a toxic work environment
  • 42% of team members have left jobs in the past due to bad team experiences
  • Team members spend an average of 7 hours per week dealing with dysfunctional team behaviors (that's 2 months out of the year!)


Lack of Trust on Teams

We Care Most About the Team We are On

Teams unlock what is unique about each of us, in service of something shared. A team, at its finest, insists on the unique contribution of each of its members, and is the best way we as humans have ever come up with of harnessing those distinctive contributions  together in the service of something that none of us could do alone. ...Only on a team can your express your individuality and put it to its highest use. -Marcus Buckingham, Nine Lies About Work, Harvard Business Review Press 2019
  • Teams simplify: They help us see where to focus and what to do.
  • Teams make work real: They ground us in the day to day, both in terms of content of our work and the colleagues with whom we do it.
  • Teams paradoxically, make homes for individuals.
21st Century Team Skill Management Possible

Essential Teaming Skills

If you've already got in-tact teams, but need to enhance specific skills, you can find those here.

Target your team skill development through a variety of 1/2-Day, Full-Day or 2-Hour Workshops and Programs to build specific teaming capabilities.








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Personal Development

If you want to introduced teaming behaviors, you can see how to do this for any size group in your organization.

Personalize teaming skills development with anyone in your organization. This 1/2-Day Program is for groups who want to learn more about how they show up as team players. You do not have to be part of an in-tact team to participate.

Learn more about The Five Behaviors™ and gain a nuanced understanding of how you work in a team.


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Team Development

If you want more cohesive in-tact teams you'll find that here.

Build stronger performing, more cohesive teams in a 10-12 month intensive, facilitated team-building experience.

In-tact teams assess themselves, engage in deep learning, facilitated discussion and strategy and work specifically on the behaviors that are limiting their ability to deliver the expected results.





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